Sunday, July 27, 2014

No Sew Under the Sink Curtains

Need a quick and easy way to make curtains under your kitchen sink?  Look no further.

This is what you'll need:
  • A pair of cafe curtain panels (big enough for your "window") I found mine at K-mart
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Tension rod - measured for window and ready to go
  • Liquid stitch
  • Hot iron (DO NOT use steam)

Feed the curtain rod through one of the curtain panels and place it under the sink where it will eventually end up.

With both hands, grab each side of the panel and pull up to the length you want your curtain.

At the same time, make sure the folded edge meets where the rod is.  Wrong side touching wrong side, pin from one edge to the other.  This folded edge is your new curtain top edge.

Iron folded edge but make sure to remove pin first, one at at time until the whole edge is ironed flat.  While you're at it, iron the rest of the curtain if it needs it.

I turned over the panel (I'm not sure why) but this is just to show the ironed edge.

Open up the panel, lay flat and about four inches from the ironed edge (towards the top edge), cut straight through.  If you need to draw a line, us a yard stick and pencil and lightly make the mark on the wrong side of the curtain panel.  I can pretty much eyeball myself.

Fold down the raw edge about 1/2 inch (wrong side facing wrong side). As you fold it, iron it as you go all the way across.

Open up the edge and place a light stream of liquid stitch NOT a giant blob like mine :/  Do it all the way down the edge then fold over.

Heat the folded/glued edge according to directions on the liquid stitch tube.

Once the edge is "stitched" add another stream of liquid stitch on top of it.  Go all the way down then carefully fold over.

Repeat ironing step.  Set aside and repeat the same process with the second panel.

Here are the two complete panels side by side.  We're very close to being done!

Now take your tension rod and feed it through the new inserts of both panels.  Make sure the panels are facing the same way.

I pushed the rod against my countertop and spread out the curtain panels evenly and fluffed up the top edge.

Place curtains in "window" and voila!  We are done!  This project took no more than 45 minutes from start to finish.

It's that time of the season for Sunflowers, that's why I chose this pattern.  I will be replacing these curtains come Fall and come Christmas.  How fun is that going to be?  and of course I will be saving all my curtains to reuse for years to come.

Aren't they adorable?

Question I have now is, "what do I do with the tier?"  There's got to be something I can make out of it!  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  Thx!

I learned later that I shouldn't use the liquid stitch with sheer fabric.  It says it right on the tube where I somehow missed it until it was too late.  I can see why it says it though, you can see the liquid stitch straight through the fabric.  Not good if it's out in the open for everyone to see BUT since I used it for under my kitchen sink, I don't think anyone will take notice but you may reconsider using sheer fabric for your project.

Until next time,

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  1. Maybe I should use your idea, since my mom's sewing machine, which I usually use, is out of order.

    1. My machine broke years ago and I never replaced it. This liquid stitch is life changing!! ;) Go for it!

  2. How very cute, they are adorable in your new white kitchen.

    1. Thank you Dawn, what a difference a coat of paint and new curtains make :)

  3. Great job!
    Love the way the under-sink skirt turned out, and using a no-sew method is brilliant :)

    Love those white cupboards... cute!!

    By the way.. I had to let you know, I love your ironing board.... *smile**. I have the same one...*haha**... My kitchen island made the best ironing board for my curtain sewing recently.

    Have a happy day..

    1. LOL Kerin! I love my "ironing board" too. Don't need to keep taking it out and making that horrible squeeky noise and putting it back each time. Mine just stays put, an all purpose counter :) Thank you also for your kinds words! -Bev

  4. The under the sink curtain is so cute. I love the pattern - cheery and happy. : )
    You did a great job.

    1. Awww Happyone, thanks so much! I do love Sunflowers this time of year :)