Monday, December 12, 2016

Small Town Michigan Snow

This beautiful red barn is next to our church

This spruce tree is in my backyard and I hope it lives forever!

This is my bungalow again (see previous post) but with the 2nd snowfall

The side of our bungalow

I've been meaning to put a red bow on this light post but I've been so busy I keep forgetting!

It snowed a lot yesterday.  It came down gently but it was alot and times and pretty heavy.  That's the kind of snowfall I love, especially at Christmas time.  Not crazy about the ones that come in like a blizzard but they're few between.

This snow fall was a total separate one from my last post.  Seems like the snowfalls here in Michigan where we live are the type that come and go in Nov and Dec.  Come Jan and Feb. that's when they stick and stay through Mar.

I took my SLR Canon camera on purpose to take some good pictures.  I'm still a novice but oh the pictures that came out were beautiful!  Hope you're enjoying your Christmas season so far.

Until next time,

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas Bungalow

My stepson (K) and his wife (C) came to visit our Bungalow for the first time since we moved here over two years ago.  They live in Serbia so it's not easy for them to stop by on a whim.  We do wish they lived closer but that's life so we'll take what we can get.

The whole time K & C were up here, the threat of snow loomed.  We had to drive to Grand Rapids to pick them up so I'm glad it didn't snow only because I would not want to travel in it.

The day after they left, we had a couple of inches of snow and this is what they missed.  C thinks my house is cute and the perfect Christmas house because of it's color.  I took this picture when the snow slowed down a bit and I'm so glad I did.  All the snow has melted now and it's back to dry sidewalks and green lawns, at least for a couple of days - there's a snowstorm making it's way across the plains and it's planning to hit us tomorrow.

So, Merry Christmas from our bungalow to yours!