Sunday, June 29, 2014

God, Family and Country

Because we just moved into our bungalow three weeks ago, I still have many boxes yet to unpack and a lot of decorating yet to do.

Here is our mantel.  I couldn't find my patriotic decorations and stuff so I quickly painted this patriotic style flag on a canvas and placed it on our mantel.

I then looked  at the rest of my mantel and realized, what can be more patriotic than the pictures I already have on our mantel?  These men gave their time and sacrifice to fight for the freedoms that we so enjoy in this grand country of ours.
Left to right:  My father-in-law, served during the Korean War.  My father, served in WWII and the Korean War.  My hubby, served in Vietnam.  My son, served in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

In the middle, God is represented by the fish symbol and serves as a perfect reminder to keep God the center of our lives.  Family is represented by the pictures of each soldier, a family member.  Country is represented by the patriotic flag.

Happy 4th of July!

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sprucing Up My Garden

 Unable to plant anything all season, I finally had the opportunity this weekend.  Selling our house and moving 900 miles away into a new home kept us busy all Spring long. 

I planted herbs because I love using them in my recipes

I bought the T labels today and had fun writing the name on each

I also planted some sunflowers (I attempted to grow some in Virginia but darn those deer, they chewed those down too)

I was successful in planting and growing some Black-Eyed Susans last year so I'm attempting it once again.  They're a vine type of plant/flower, I'll have them take hold of the lattice and they'll take it from there.  Can't wait to see how they come out, they're so pretty!

My Peonies have finally bloomed and oh they smell so wonderful.  I did not plant these, they were already here.

 I took a trip to our local antique shop downtown earlier today and I picked up this vintage watering can.  Isn't it adorable?

Mo was my assistant today.  We adopted him from my sister, she's going to be doing a lot of traveling this next coming year and needed someone to take care of Mo, we jumped at the opportunity.  Mo is such a good dog, he's a little older and tamer, loves to snuggle and makes a great assistant! :)

Hope you had a blessed weekend!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My Knotty Pine Kitchen

 This Friday will make it two weeks we've been in our new bungalow.  Besides trying to finish unpacking, this will be my next project this Summer.

Knotty Pine might look great in a cabin deep inside the woods, but not for this home. . . . in my opinion.

I asked a local Michigander who was in the middle of renovating her home, "How do you paint Knotty Pine?"  and her response was, "Why would you?" . . .

I'm loving the size of this kitchen.  I'm also loving the space above the cabinets.  We will be replacing the appliances one at a time.  I get a new refrigerator next week.  I would love to find a retro gas stove in superb condition, Craigslist will be my friend.

This is my favorite spot in the mornings with my coffee and sometimes a kitty

I'm thinking of painting the cabinets and wood walls white.  I'm also thinking of giving it an old grandma kitchen theme with a modern flair - what exactly does that mean?  I have no idea. . .

I'm finding this little cove makes it very convenient for me to work in my kitchen, from washing dishes to putting them away to prepping food and making our coffee in the morning.

I wiped down all the cabinets and lined them before stocking them with all my dishes the whole time thinking I couldn't wait to get them painted.

The left entrance is into my little office and the dining room.  The right entrance are steps leading to the 2nd floor as well as to the front entrance of the house on the 1st floor. . .

I'm so thrilled with this spice cabinet, I've never had one like it before.

Wood-Mode is the company who made these Knotty Pine cabinets.  The history behind Wood-Mode Kitchens is very fascinating.  Knotty Pine was their best seller during the WWII era.  Click HERE to learn more about them.

Painting the kitchen is going to be a big project, much like selling and packing up our house in VA and moving 900 miles to Upper Michigan.  Meh!  Piece of cake . . . joking!  Our recent move was very tough.  We realized we're not as young as we used to be and praying it's our last move.  I also want to tile the backsplash and pull up the carpet in the kitchen, yes, this kitchen has carpet (why oh why?).  Hubby loves the Knotty Pine and says it gives the house character he also likes the carpet in the kitchen (??)  Hopefully the woodwork underneath the carpet will be in good shape so that I can refinish and stain it.

Well that's it for now.  I want to have my kitchen complete by the time the cold weather comes around so I still have a couple of months.  I will blog my progress if I'm able.

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Name that Plant and Around my Garden

A few of you readers from my last blog may know that I am not a savvy gardener.  I admit I am a brown thumb but I do try.  Fortunately, our new bungalow home has come with many plants I am not familiar with, also some I have never seen.  This is where I need your help.  The pictures with numbers are the ones I need help in identifying.  If you know what they are, would you please let me know?  Thanks so much!

Are these Chives?  If so, are they okay to consume even if they have blooms?

I have no idea what this is.  When it was a bit smaller, I first thought it was Rosemary but now I know it isn't.  Perhaps, Tarragon?

I've never seen this one as well, but it's long and very soft.

This image has two plants I'm not familiar with (anyone recognize that bunny?)

This is a short plant but full.  I sort of reminds me of an Azalea bush but I know it isn't since I've had several when I lived in Virginia.

I believe this may be a Mini-Rose Bush but I don't see any buds I'm familiar with

This is next to the "Mini-Rose Bush" but if it's a weed, please let me know ASAP!!  Thx!

Here's another picture with two plants I need identified.

These blooms look like bells and they have a WONDERFUL scent, I love them!!

I have several of these bunched together

These had yellow blooms up to about a week ago.  It always makes me sad when a plant is done giving blossoms such as Daffodils, Hydrangeas, Tulips, etc.,

A beautiful bush but what is it?  Since this home sat empty for almost a year, it seems this bush may have been neglected in that it needs to be trimmed, am I right?

My Hostas are growing a little lopsided around the tree, anyone know why?

I had to show off the vintage Radio Flyer wagon I bought from an antique dealer in the area.  I bought some herbs and a couple of red Geraniums today and put them on the wagon just for fun although I do plan to place some more flower in the wagon as soon as I get more.  Doesn't it look adorable?

I appreciate any help you can give me.  Thank you ahead of time.

Until next time,