Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sister Outing

Sis and I spent the day together and took a drive to Pentwater, Michigan as well as Hart, Michigan.

We went to Pentwater first to enjoy a little shopping, lunch and to attend the Asparagus Festival.  Something she's been talking about since before we left our home in Virginia.  So, I also told her, while we're at it, might as well go to Hart, MI to go to the cemetery where our grandparents are buried.  This picture of Pentwater is just a minute amount of stores this small town has.  It is a beach town and it somewhat reminded me of a mini-Myrtle beach with all the shops but a lot cleaner and cuter. We went into the most adorable shops, many of them with the Old Victorian Vintage charm.  Will have to bring our out of town guests to shop here.  Lots of great souvenirs too.

It also had that feeling of nostalgia so I decided to photoshop some pics in Sepia.  This is my sister posing next to a beautiful retro Coca-Cola machine.  This is also the quaint little restaurant we ate at and for the life of me, can't remember the name it but I'll get it and come back to post it.

Here's a view of the cafe from our table.  As you can see they were not busy.  We were the only customers at the time.  We had a delicious soup and salad.  Asparagus Soup and a Reuben Sandwich with Smoked Turkey and Sauerkraut.  A very good and yummy combination!

The owner/chef/waitress of the cafe served me an ice cold tea along with a small jar for more.

I had to take a picture of this store because it's the same exact way our daughter's name is spelled.

 Had to take a pic of Sis with this business sign as it had her name too.

For some reason we couldn't find anyplace else or any vendor selling any Asparagus here in Pentwater.  No one had it except for the cafe.  We were bummed so instead, I took pictures of the Yacht dock off of Pentwater Lake.

It was turning out to be a beautiful day and the lake was crystal blue.

Pentwater Lake goes out into Lake Michigan, straight ahead in this picture.

As soon as we drove close to downtown Hart, we noticed some streets were blocked off and come to find out the Asparagus Festival was being held there.  We got so excited!!  Here's a delicious looking bunch I bought for $4.  This part of Michigan is the leading producer of Asparagus if not the biggest in the country.  Acres and acres of farms grow it around here.  I feel so fortunate because I LOVE asparagus :)

We ate an ice-cream cone as we sat on a wrought iron bench overlooking Hart Lake.   After this we drove to the city cemetery.  We couldn't find our grandparents gravesites so we headed back home.  We'll keep on trying though.

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  1. Talk about a fun day trip!
    Love it.
    My hubby loves asparagus, and would have loved to attend a festival celebrating it :)


    1. Everywhere you look someone is selling asparagus. I don't think I will ever tire of it, at least I hope not. Well, make a trip to N. Michigan anytime around late May to mid June and you'll find lots of it.

  2. Great trip..Oh you are going to love the new place!

    1. There's so many small towns around us and they all seem to have those quaint shops and restaurants. I can't wait to visit Frankenmuth, MI because it's a small German town and since we lived in Germany for two years, it was one of our favorite times in our lives as well as Holland, MI in May when they have the Tulip Festivals. :)