Friday, November 14, 2014

Basement Barn Doors to Display Wall

A gem of a find right in my basement.

Two days ago I needed a backdrop, a display wall for my spot at the local Artisan Market.  We are having our grand opening tomorrow (SAT. Nov 15th) at Redeemed Art and Furniture Decor.  As I setup my table I thought more and more that I needed a backdrop, some sort of a display wall.  I told my hubby we needed to go find something sturdy that would be not only big enough but also sturdy enough to stand up straight.

I had gone downstairs to our basement to pull out some dishes I needed for a big dinner our family was having and as I walked from the laundry room to the storage room, lo and behold, a bright heavenly sunlight and an angel chorus appeared directly in front of these barn doors that I never really notice before.  They were always held open so I never really paid attention to them and mind you, we just moved into this house this past summer.

I closed them on purpose to show both sides.  I immediately realized that these would be a perfect display wall for my setup at the Artisan market.  Hubby unhinged them for me, it wasn't easy for who knows how long they have been hanging there.

It seems like they had been recently painted, even the latch hook was painted and stuck to the door.  I wanted it off at first but then realized it gave the door some character.

and here is my display.  Don't the doors look wonderful??  What a God send, literally.  It was like He gift wrapped and handed them to me.

 I was even able to add some items to the back side too.  These concrete blocks hold them up good and sturdy.

Doesn't the latch hook look great!? 

I've been so busy cutting, slicing, painting, staining, screwing, unscrewing, gluing, designing, undoing, you name it.  So busy I haven't had time to blog until now.  A small break until it gets busy again.

It's snowing flurries today here off the coast of Lake Michigan.  We had a small dusting overnight and the town is almost covered in white.  So beautiful, festive and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Have a blessed weekend everybody.  Until next time,