Saturday, July 23, 2016

Latest Creations for Sale

My days are overwhelmingly busy. I started my own small business  from home with the help from my hubby who is also my financial  advisor. I am an artist/handcrafter. I repurpose pallets to turn into all kinds of rustic signs but also use pine boards to paint on.

My son and grandson also came up for a visit during the holiday weekend, their first visit since our move up here to NW Mi.

I sell most of my hand painted items at a local artisan shop but I've also been busy with some custom work.

Here is what's keeping me busy:

I'm so fascinated with retro travel posters. The artistry involved in them can keep me busy studying them for hours. So, I was inspired to create one for our small resort town.

This is a custom made sign I made for a client.

Pinterest inspired

Pinterest inspired

Pinterest inspired

and then here's my small collection of business signs titled,
 "Taking Care of Business":

You can tell which ones are double sided. So you do is flip the sign around.

My grandson. We had the opportunity to introduce him to his Native American roots at our annual Powwow.

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I have to run now, I work at the shop all afternoon through closing time. Miss and love you guys but I continue to read your post blogs to see what's going on!  Have a great weekend!!