Sunday, January 15, 2017

WORX Cordless Switch Driver

Can I brag?  I really gotta brag on this product.  It's like sharing good, no, GREAT news you just can't keep inside!  I make signs, I sell signs.  I attach hanging hardware on the back of my signs. Whether it be a sawtooth hanger, or a D-Ring with either kind, I constantly have to pre-drill holes and drive in the screws.  I love how I can easily switch from a drill bit to driver in a split second.

Here's a sample of a sign I just finished painting.  My last step is to attached the hanging hardware in the back.

With this sign, I have decided to attached a D-Ring hanger.  First I need to mark the center of the board, otherwise my sign will hang lopsided.  Mark the center with an "X"

I pre drill the hole.  As you can see with my WORX cordless switchdriver, I also have a flashlight to make drilling easy to see.

I easily switched to my drill bit in a split second!  Drilled in the screw and the D-Ring.  No time wasted!

My sign is hanging up in no time!

The WORX Switchdriver is so much powerful than my previous Ryobi Cordless Drill.  Hubby can't believe how powerful and lightweight it is.  We purchased ours at Menards just before Christmas and decided to get two, a his and hers (you'll notice mine is marked "hers") tool.  He doesn't touch mine, I don't touch his.  They both came with two batteries each, how cool is that?.  There's so much more to this product that I am not familiar with so watch this video and you'll see how amazing this power tool is, you'll want to run to your local Menards and buy one...or two.

WORX Switch Driver Video

The only drawback I have and no longer a problem is that I needed to purchase "hex schank" drill bits.  Three hex schank bits came in the package but you'll need more with different sizes UNLESS you have some on hand already.  The hex shank on the end of the drill bit is important because that's what locks in to the chuck of the tool. <---- Did I just make sense there?  Don't laugh if I didn't it!! ;)

I'm saving so much time with my new WORX Switchdriver, I now look forward to this last step of drilling and driving.

Disclaimer:  This promotion post is not sponsored by WORX nor affiliated in anyway with WORX or Menards.  These are just my own thoughts on this product and my love for it, I just had to share!