Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Musings and My Garden

I had hubby drop me off at the local historical museum today.  We just moved to this small town around six weeks ago and I was hankering for a history lesson.  A sweet 81 yr. old man gave us the "grand" tour and wouldn't you know it, I was in there for about an hour when I realized hubby was still out in the car waiting for me!  Fortunately it was a dry, beautiful day.  All was well, he did mention though that he didn't know I was going to take that long but was glad I had the opportunity to learn some things about our wonderful small town. I'll have to tell you all about it some other time.

Once again, I had hubby drop me off at an estate sale last week while he waited for me in the car.  That is where I found this wonderful galvanized metal bucket along with the shepherds hook it's hanging from.  Both together probably cost me no more than $2.50.  In the winter I will bring it in and use it as a decoration in my soon to be white kitchen.

Here are the mini-white roses up against our garage.  They are in abundance but I'm sad they don't have any scent.  Are they supposed to?

There are only very few pink mini-roses right next to the white ones.  They are so pretty but I don't dare touch them for fear of being pricked by a thorn.

Can someone out there please tell me what these are called??  They are right next to the white and pink mini-roses.

I bought this bouquet of patriotic colored flowers soon after the 4th of July (for around $5) at KMart.  I thought of no better place to put them than right on my vintage Radio Flyer wagon.

These Shasta Daisies have finally bloomed.  Seems like while everyone else's around town were blooming but mine hadn't yet.  That seems to be the story with all the flowers in my backyard.  Could it be because the house stood vacant for almost a year and they were neglected??  Anyway, they are now vibrant and oh so pretty!   There are some Black Eyed Susan's next to them and they still haven't bloomed but it looks like they're going to any day now, at least I hope so.

This vintage push cart belongs to my sister and since she and her hubby are starting to pack up their house to get ready for the move, she wanted me to hold onto it and I was much obliged to :)  The watering can I picked up at the local antique store downtown.  I think I'll put some daisies in the can :) tomorrow.  Come Autumn, I will put some pumpkins in the push cart along with some hay.  Won't that look adorable??

Along with the galvanized bucket I bought at the estate sale I mentioned earlier, I also found this little wooden planter box.  I decided to put it in front of Mr. Moose so that it would appear that he was drinking water out of it, like from a trough.

As the sun was setting this evening, I jumped for the chance to take a picture of it as it peeked through my backyard and the swingset.  Isn't it beautiful??

This other view is from the backyard looking out, one of my favorite spots outside.

The weather up here in Michigan has been spectacular!!  We have not needed to use the AC at all, not once.  Even though we don't have an AC unit nor central air, I'm not sure if we'll ever need one, even in mid-July.  As a matter of fact we had a cold spell just a few days ago.  Woke up to low 40's so to take the bite out of the chill, yes, we did it . . . . wait for it . . . . we turned on our fireplace!!!  Imagine that?!  I feel like we live up in the mountains of Cloudcroft, NM or Ruidoso, NM.  That's where we used to go hiking and camping and picnicking when I was a little girl.  No wonder I'm drawn to this climate and type of weather.  Come winter, we'll see how much I'll love it, right?  At least that's what my kids keep telling me.  Yesterday after dinner, my sister, her hubby and I went to an outdoor concert held by the river that runs out into Lake Michigan.  For two hours I sat there with my blanket covering me from head to toe, it was quite chilly I tell ya!!  I couldn't believe there were people there wearing shorts and halter tops.  Brrrrr!  They must've laughed at me.  Anyway, we enjoyed the music of The Moxie Strings.  One gal plays the violin, the other gal plays an electronic cello and they had a guy on percussion.  Their style was Celtic/Irish and oh, their music was so beautiful!!!  Check them out on Pandora and create a playlist with the title of their group.  I promise, you won't regret it.

Well I guess I rambled on enough.  I'm sitting in my front porch with Mo, the dog and the sun has set and it is dark.  The computer screen is the only light, so if you pass by and see me, it will look like my face is glowing.  Have a blessed weekend everybody!  Stay safe :)

Until next time . . .


  1. So nice that you love everything there so much!
    Patient husband you have there!
    I love that gated area also..
    Many roses have no scent.
    I don't know the name of the blue flowers but they are exactly the ones I thought they would be a few posts ago..the guessing game.
    Highly invasive here!
    Easy to pull out..but boy do they spread...
    I like the blue..the tall spikes..but too prolific for me!
    The galvanized will look great in the kitchen too..

    1. LOL Monique. Those blue plants will be called the "pretty blue invasive plant". I did not know that most roses do not have a scent! There's so much I have yet to learn, thanks for being my teacher :) Thank you for your sweet comments.

  2. Bev, I can't wait to hear your history learnings, and I love all your flowers. This is not a typical Michigan summer it is normally warmer, but I will take it. I hate a hot climate and you will love the winters. Tons of snow :)

    1. Thank you Dawn. I may have to go to the history museum once a week for a couple of months to take it all in :) I really like this summer but I'm sad this is not a normal one, I prefer the cool weather. I'm so excited to hopefully have a white Christmas!! It's been so long since I've seen one.