Saturday, July 12, 2014

Adios Knotty Pine

This is it! I've started the process and I can't stop now!  Prepping my kitchen cabinets to get painted is going to be a tedious job.  I would be a little further ahead but hubby decided to take a side trip to the hospital.  Am thankful he's alright now, back home and taking it easy after getting a pacemaker put in as well as some other health issues.

Here's a pretty good view of most of the knotty pine in my kitchen.  There's still a lot behind me as I snapped this picture but there is more going down into the mud room.  Ugh!  Click on the post I wrote on my Knotty Pine Kitchen.

So here are the items I need to start my prepping:
- Sandpaper sponge:  Helps to scrub off 50 years or more of build up dirt and grease
- TSP:  The solution the clerk at the store advised that I buy
- Plastic wrap:  This was my preference but I used it to cover the items left in the cabinets as I scrubbed the frame.  (Such as glasses, plates, spices, etc.,)

 You will also need:
- Drop cloth.  Keeps the solution from ruining your floor.  It also protects your floor from a falling Spice Cabinet full of spices that spill all over.  Yes, I tend to learn things the hard way.  My chili powder jar broke and thankfully my dropcloth saved it from making a mess on the carpet.  Yes, I have carpet on my kitchen floor but that's another story, post.
- Protective gloves:  This stuff burns, so it's best to use gloves.  I had a small drop on my skin and it stung!
- Safety goggles:  You want to protect your eyes too.  Can't imagine what it would feel like if some TSP fell into my eyes! scary!!
- Bucket of clean water:  Replenish with clean water often as you go.  You'll be dipping and rinsing the sandpaper sponge quite often throughout the whole process so clean water is important.


I started by removing the spice cabinet doors and then started scrubbing the frame and above the microwave.  I also scrubbed some of the decorative border.  I knew ahead of time that prepping would take a long time as well as a lot of muscle work.  I'm taking my time, why not?  I have the time to take it slow.  My goal is to be done by the mid-August......we'll see.

I then moved to the cabinets above the sink.  This picture shows how I placed the plastic wrap over my cups and glasses.  Scrubbing the frames is a lot more work than scrubbing the cabinet doors because they're upright.

With the cabinet doors, I just lay them down and scrub away, so much easier on my arms.  This has been the hardest cabinet door to scrub clean.  Look at all that buildup underneath the hinge?!  Eeeeewww!!!  I forgot to post a picture of one the items you'll also need.  A damp rag, used to clean  off any residue left from the scrubbing.  Rinse it often under running water or another bucket of water.

and here are all the cabinet doors leaning up against each other after I scrubbed and dried them.  Seven doors down and a gazillion more to go!  Woohoo!!  Do I have any volunteers?? :)

Until next time,


  1. I am so sorry about your husband!

    Take care!!!
    I do applaud your courage to start tackling this!
    I know you love that house/home..
    Your are preparing like a pro..
    He can supervise?:)

    1. Thank you, he's doing so much better than when he went in. If I was working a full time job, I probably wouldn't tackle this job but since I'm at home full time it's easy to do :) Hubby does supervise me very well :)

  2. Good grief!! Scary medical news about your husband. So good to hear that he's doing better now, and is on the mend!! Give him my well wishes.

    I have done this project in a previous house... it is a tremendous amount of work, but well worth it. I was quite happy to transform my dated oak kitchen into a perfect cottage kitchen.
    At present time we have Knotty Alder cabinets and our house is quite new. For a while, we will keep the wood; my husband really is keen on it :)

    Best wishes for your cupboard painting, and continued improvement for your husband.


    1. Awwww Kerin, that's so thoughtful of you, thanks so much! My hubby was keen on these Knotty Pine cabinets but he knew I wouldn't be happy keeping them that way. They also have that old wood smell and I'm certain he's ready to get rid of that smell. Might of been a different story though had they been newer cabinets like yours. He's looking better and better everyday and has even gotten rid of the cane he was using before he went into the hospital. Have a blessed week! :)

  3. Wow that's a big undertaking! Sorry your husband had to go to the hospital- hopefully things will settle down in that department. It looks like a generously sized kitchen- I'm sure it will look awesome when you get them painted!

    1. A very BIG undertaking but I'm thankful that I have the time to do it. Hubby is looking and feeling so much better, thank you!