Thursday, January 29, 2015

Braided Cardamom Pulla Bread

I've been making Pulla Bread (Finnish Coffee Bread) for years all because my sister-in-law made it for Christmas one year and I fell head over heels with it.  My first time ever tasting Cardamom, the spice in the bread and in my opinion, the star of the show.

I didn't make this braided loaf, my brother-in-law (my sister's hubby) made it this past weekend when they were visiting us.  I introduced them to Pulla Bread last Fall and when they got back to their home, my sister asked if I could email her the recipe.  They've been making it several times since and I have to admit, his Pulla Bread out does mine 10 fold!!  He found a new recipe from Saveur and you can find it there at:

This recipe makes the bread heavy but so moist.  Again, the Cardamom give it the perfect touch of spiciness to sip with your morning coffee or tea.

Cinnamon rolls do not compare to Pulla Bread!  So if you're stuck indoors because it's too cold to go outside what better way than to get in the kitchen to do some baking and smell the lovely aroma of fresh bread baking and enjoy some delicious sweet bread with your hot drink?  This is a must try!!

Perhaps my brother-in-law will open up a bakery in our local town?  This recipe would definitely be a winner for sure!!  Thanks BIL!!  By the way, we've run out of Pulla Bread and no one can make it like you!! :)

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  1. Oh that looks so good, but I'm afraid if I made it I'd eat it all up. : )

  2. I know, I have a hard time taking just one piece!!