Monday, October 6, 2014

DIY Rustic Frame Chalkboard

Items Needed:
1 sheet craft plywood 1/4"x12"x24" for the chalkboard
3 craft plywood 3/16"x12"x24" for the frame (Cut one in half)
Black chalkboard paint, sponge brush
1 pkg. of 4 galvanized corner braces 2"x3/8"
Wood stain - Java Bean color, sponge brush
Wood glue
Fine sandpaper
Drill with 1/8" drill bit
1 Alligator-style frame hook

 Give the board a layer of the chalk paint.  Let dry according to directions.  Give it another layer of paint and let dry over night.

 In the meantime, stain the three frame boards then set aside

 Let set over night to dry

 The following day, use the fine sandpaper to sand down the whole chalkboard surface.  Wipe it down with a damp clean rag then give it one last layer of chalk paint.

Once the chalk paint has dried, turn the long frame pieces over and dab with some wood glue then place on chalkboard.  Press down to make sure glue adheres.  Use clamps or something heavy if needed.  Now put glue on the back of the short frames pieces, corners only and put in place.  See image below.

Use the above image a reference only just to see how the pieces are placed on top of each other.

Once the glue has dried, start drilling in the holes, one corner at a time.  Use the corner brace as template to mark the holes first then use a drill bit to drill the holes.

Attach the screws, repeat with each corner

Attach the frame hook to the back at the top

 It's so cute I want to keep it for myself!!
 I have them for sale at my ETSY shop if you so desire one....or two :)
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  1. You need your own show:)
    I have that saying in my kitchen..about the prettiest did it great!

    And how about that new header.YOU painted that I am certain.Love it.

    1. LOL! My own show :) you're too sweet! I found that saying on Pinterest and loved it from the beginning. But I do love the captain and mermaid one too. Hubby looks like a gnarly captain sometimes :) Yes, my new header. Each kid trick or treating depicts my grandson and granddaughter wearing the costumes they've worn through the years :)

  2. I agree, you are so clever!
    Also, the header is very cute, and I thought that the trick or treater's much be representing your Grands.

    Cute chalkboard.
    I love chalkboards and have several of them in our home.
    They are just so much fun to put saying's on :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! Hubby looks like a sea captain too! :)