Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sopaipilla Sloppy Joes

So my sister was in the mood to make some tortillas but I convinced her to make Sopaipillas instead.  Sopaipillas are the Mexican equivalent what Fry Bread is to the Native Americans and what Elephant Ears are to . . .. .hmmmm, I don't know but I do know they are sold at most county fairs and such around the country.

The neat thing about making Sopaipillas is that if you 'd rather make tortillas instead, you can use the same dough. Both are rolled out, to make a round disk.  For a tortilla you warm the dough disk on a hot skillet until it's cooked all the way though.  For a Sopaipilla, the dough disc is cut it in half or  quarters and then deep fried.

I grew up eating Sopaipillas.  As kids nothing made us happier except for maybe homemade Tamales.  Sopaipillas are great to eat with just about anything like, honey mixed with butter, cinnamon sugar, jam, peanut butter or just plain.

Dinner time was coming up and I still didn't know what to make, especially with the pile of Sopaipillas on the counter.  It dawned on me perhaps I can make a taco filling but then better yet, I decided to make the Sloppy Joe mix (from the can) with ground beef.  Quick and easy, at least making the filling.  I topped them off with shredded cheese and  sliced scallions.   Hubby loved them so much he had 2 1/2!!!   My sister, my nephew devoured them as well!  Who knew?!!

Here's a link to recipe for Sopaipillas courtesy of Hungry Texan:

Enjoy and until next time!


  1. Replies
    1. Good but not too healthy, but who's telling?!! :)

  2. These look so good- they'd be wonderful for a party! Hope you are doing well. I'm sure you are as glad as I am to have summer here. Nothing beats up north weather in the summertime!

    1. Good idea, if I make them a wee bit smaller they would make great fingerfood. We are doing well, glad the summer weather is here. You're right, nothing beats up north MI. I love having my windows open all summer long :)