Thursday, March 24, 2016

Peter Rabbit & White Coconut Cream Cheese Cake

Cake batter


Frosting on the cake

Frosted Cake 

The final product - White Coconut Cream Cheese Cake

My Beatrix Potter (Peter Rabbit) Collection so far 

I bought the two figurines a couple of years ago through Amazon.  I was fortunate to find this plate here in town at the same Artisan Mall where I sell my art.  Another vendor had this plate in her booth and I grabbed it immediately.  She says she's got more somewhere in her basement!!!  Should I ask her if I could help myself to her basement??  (LOL! just kidding)

I wanted to take this picture with the snow scene in the backgroud.  It's been snowing since last night.  A spring snow storm that will be all gone in a couple of days when the temperature rises.

These are the recipes I used for the cake and frosting:
Mrs. Billett's White Cake
Coconut Cream Cheese Frosting
A tradition every Easter holiday, I may have skipped last year though.  It seems like I also crave it this time of the year, who doesn't?  These recipes were out of the world.  So, so good.  Moist, cream cheesy, coconutty deliciousness.  I'm so tempted to get another piece, bye!
Have a blessed Easter everyone!

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  1. It looks so good Bev..and I love love love your collection..I saw such cute things on Etsy too:) I would ask the lady if she was prepared to sell some more of her plates..

    I know I have said this before but the Littles are so cute..the superheroes:) Truly so!
    And your photos just keep getting better and better.

    1. Thank you Monique! You're always so kind and thoughtful. The lady at the shop says her Peter Rabbit stuff is buried is some other stuff, she really can't pinpoint where exactly it is, I'm thinking she needs some help to find it :) Thank you on the kind words about my littles. I'm working on a post with more pictures, they're growing way too fast :( just like your littles. I still have my daughter's camera :|

  2. Yummy does that cake look delicious!
    You truly have a collection now. I've heard that three of something make a collection. : )

    1. Thank you! It really was delicious!! Reminded me of wedding cake. I did not know about 3 making a collection, thanks! :). Have a blessed Easter to you and hubby

  3. Bev, how completely darling! The cake looks lavish and the bunnies even more so! Please come and share at my Five Star Frou-Frou linkup at A Tray of Bliss? We'd love to host you. I'm a new follower :) Mimi xxx

    1. Thank you Mimi! Yes, I'll check your site out when I get in my laptop (too hard on my phone). Thx again!